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P1 Enrolment - Enrolment for Primary one pupils take place in January in each year. 
Children should be enroled at their local (zoned) school, where you can either enrol at that school or register for another outwith your zoned area.  If you decide to enrol your child in a school outwith your zoned area, you must complete a Placing Request Form.  You will be required to provide your child's birth certificate and proof of address.
Other than P1 Enrolment - You can now enrol your child (other than P1) at a school in Moray, online at:
Or, contact Logie Primary School direct on 01309 611258 or email  
The process is very straight forward and placing requests are dealt with promptly. 
Logie Primary School staff and pupil's, welcome new pupils and their parents and endeavour to make the transition to a new school a smooth and pleasant experience.