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Meet the Staff


  • Mrs Douglas (also p/t P123 Teacher)

Teaching Staff

  • Miss Grant (P4567)
  • Ms Beaton (p/t P123 and SfL)

Classroom Auxiliaries

  • Mrs Murray (Playgroun/Lunchtime Supervisor)
  • Ms Rodway (Playground Supervisor)
School Administrator
  • Mrs Moore

Canteen Staff

  • Mrs Goureau
PE & Sports Staff
  • Mr Black (Activity Coordinator)
  • Mrs Ghillies (Recorder & Ukulele)

School Janitor

  • Mr Dickson

Parent Volunteer's

The school is also very lucky to have the support of Parent Volunteers which includes helping with activities, taking care of our animals at the school, and transporting pupils to school events to name a few.  

If you are Parent whose children attend the school and would like to know more about volunteering, please contact the school direct for more information.