Comments from Parents 2016-17

"Impressed with the Leadership, enthusiasm and range of activities."

"We feel the balance of play and structured learning is perfect!"

"I feel that my child's learning did really stagnate over the recent years.  However, they are more stimulated again and I get more positive feedback from them about what they feel they have been learning."

"My child enjoys learning and I think they have to work to get results but I am pleased with the progress they are making, especially in reading, having started from scratch."

"Still unconvinced by the breakfast club but I think I understand the idea' behind it, my child definitely very happy at Logie"

"We do not feel there is a need for after school clubs. We have spoken with the teacher and we are confident that our child will be more challenged"

"My children never tell me what they have been doing.  It would be great if they did.  I don’t know how we can get them to!"